About Us

For information, please contact Ann Fasnacht (in French or in English).

079 228 62 16 (WhatsApp) or info@francais-clarens.ch

Our association

We come from all over the world and live in Clarens and Montreux.

We share the wish (and often the need!) to learn and use French and, at the same time, to meet our neighbors and participate in everything that's going on here in Montreux.

We organise weekly French classes, close to home, taught by qualified professionals who live in Clarens too and know about life here.

We also propose a varied program of activities, organised by our members, the only condition being that everything be in French! Good opportunities to speak the language, get to know each other and make friends. Our activities are also open to members not taking a French course.

If you want to join us, you may become a member of our association by simply paying the yearly dues of 10.- . This doesn't commit you to anything and allows you to receive our news and participate in any or all of our social activities (free of charge for our members, except for a few activities involving public transport or materials).

As a member, why not propose and organise a new activity – share your interests, skills, talents, hobbies... in French (with help if necessary!) The best way to learn is to do, in real life, with others !

If you're interested in a French class, please contact Ann Fasnacht for information. We can talk, over a cup of coffee, and see if we have a group for you!

Our activities are exclusively in French, but are open to beginners too. Don't worry! We're all learning!

We gratefully thank the Commune of Montreux, tne canton of Vaud and the "Maison de Quartier Jaman 8" for their support.